Why I'm Writing a Trilogy — and Maybe You Should, Too

November 8, 2017 - From our Authors -

Kara Timmins quotation writing a trilogy

After graduating with a degree in Biological Anthropology, Kara Timmins is now bringing her keen interest in evolutionary processes and natural systems into the fantasy genre with her first major release, Eloy's Discovery — book one in a trilogy. In this article, she talks about the power of three when it comes to storytelling, and ... read more »

If You Can't Find the Stories You Want to Read, Write Them Yourself

October 11, 2017 - From our Authors - 3 Comments

Shaz Kahng quotation - write your stories

Shaz Kahng features in the first season of Reedsy's self-publishing podcast, Bestseller. She has worked as a research scientist, a global consulting partner, a builder of e-businesses, a brand strategist, and has led teams in several male-dominated industries. When she noticed that strong female business leaders were missing from both her career and modern fiction, ... read more »

How to Kill Your Darlings

kill your darlings Simon Woodward quotation

This August, Simon Woodward published his fifth book, Dead Weapons. During the writing process, Simon faced a struggle familiar to many writers: should he follow his creative instincts or tailor his novel to enhance its marketability? In this article, Simon talks about the act Faulkner’s coined “killing your darlings,”  and discerning the difference between making ... read more »

Why Setting Your Story Matters

August 25, 2017 - From our Authors - 3 Comments

Imogen Clark quotation - Why Setting Your Story Matters

Imogen Clark lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband and children. She also writes books for young teenage girls under the pen name Lucinda Fox. In this article, Imogen talks about how establishing a real sense of setting improved her novel and even benefited her marketing strategy.