How to Punctuate Dialogue: A Guide for Writers

November 26, 2018 - Perfecting your Craft - 6 Comments

Do you use single or double quote marks for dialogue? Find out here. Click To Tweet The rules of punctuating written dialogue, whether in fiction or non-fiction, are tricksy little creatures. Despite our exposure to hundreds of thousands of dialogue lines, writers aren’t always familiar with how to punctuate a scene where characters are speaking ... read more »

15 of the Best Online Writing Communities for Aspiring Authors

Writing communities

[Updated 01/16/2019] As enjoyable and fulfilling as writing can be, the truth is that it’s often a solitary endeavor. While we might romanticize the focused artist typing away while imaginary worlds and narratives swirl inside their minds — authors know the truth: writing can get lonely. And moreover, when you’re working on a one-person project, ... read more »